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Exams - B2 - First Certificate

Recently, English has become increasingly important, especially in the academic field and the world of work. It is for this reason that more and more institutions, companies, schools or universities require proof of the English level of each individual to have access to a job, university, etc. This requires being able to prove each person’s level of English through an official qualification.

The level of English most demanded is currently the B2 level. But what is the B2?

A B2 level of English is an upper-intermediate level. The person who acquires this level is considered an independent user of the English language, is able to use everyday language both spoken and written, understand and comprehend at least the main ideas of complex text, talks fluently about various topics and write well structured texts, some technical difficulty.

The Academy Palma, we specialize in preparing all kinds of tests, including tests B2 level.

Whatever the type of test you want to achieve this level, we can prepare for it: Cambridge FCE, Official School of Languages, university exams ...

The most international and representative test of this level is First Certificate (FCE, Cambridge).

Cambridge English: First (First Certificate, FCE)

In this test real-life situations are used to help you communicate more effectively and learn the skills needed to progress on your way to success. The certificate that is obtained by performing this test is recognized worldwide, and there are thousands of companies and institutions that recognize it as English degree of an upper intermediate level.

The exam covers all four language skills and knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

The language skills assessed are:

- Reading and use of English: It shows that the student is able to function with full confidence with different types of texts. It also shows how well he/she knows grammar and vocabulary.

- Writing: Shows that the student is able to write different types of texts such as essays, reports or letters.

- Listening: Shows that each student is able to follow a range of spoken materials such as news and daily conversations.

- Speaking: Shows that the student is able to communicate effectively face to face. The test is taken with one or two other candidates.

Most exams of this level consist of these four parts.

In our classes, both individual and group, our native and qualified teachers will make every effort to ensure you pass of all your examinations and official tests.

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