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Exams - Cambridge University

The Academy Palma is an official exam preparer centre recognized by the University of Cambridge. At our academy we perform the preparation for all official exams offered by the university.

Whatever level you have at the moment and the level you seek to obtain, we have the means to make you achieve your goal, from intensive courses to individual classes.

The whole process of obtaining your degree in English can be done with The Academy. Starting with a test of your grammar and speaking levels, continuing with the preparation for your exam and the process of registration and obtaining of the official certificate.

Cambridge offers a variety of official certificates depending on your level of English:

• CPE (Cambridge English Proficiency)

The Cambridge English: Proficiency is aimed at a C2 level, this is the highest level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Obtaining this certificate demonstrates that you have the English to study and work at the highest levels. This certificate shows that the student is capable of communicating with fluency and sophistication like a native speaker. By passing this exam students obtain one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world.

The exam consists of four parts that assess the four language skills:

- Reading and Use of English: It shows that the student is able to understand texts of different styles and demonstrate knowledge and control of the English language.

- Writing: It shows that the student is able to write texts of different styles, such as essays and proposals.

- Listening: Show that one is able to understand a range of spoken materials, such as lectures and interviews.

- Speaking: Shows students can communicate in a real-life context. This test is taken face to face with one or two other candidates.

• CAE (Cambridge English: Andavanced)

Cambridge English Advanced is a high quality, international English language qualification. The preparation for this exam develops the required skills to reach the top in both academic and professional ambit. This exam is recognized by educational institutions around the world, and having an advanced level of English skills increases employment opportunities.

This test corresponds to level C1 of the European Framework, the level required for academic and professional success.

It covers all four language skills as well as knowledge of grammar and vocabulary:

- Reading: Proves you are able to deal with different types of texts. You can also demonstrate your knowledge and control of grammar and vocabulary.

- Writing: Proves you are able to write different types of texts such as essays or proposals.

- Listening: Shows you can follow and understand a range of spoken materials.

- Speaking: Proves you are able to communicate fluently in a real-life context.

• FCE (First certificate in English)

Cambridge English: First corresponds to the level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), an upper intermediate level of English.

In this test real-life situations are used to help you communicate more effectively and learn the skills needed to advance on your way to success. The certificate that is obtained by performing this test is recognized worldwide, and there are thousands of companies and institutions that recognize it as English degree of an upper intermediate level.

The exam covers the four language skills and knowledge of vocabulary and grammar.

Language skills assessed are:

- Reading

- Writing

- Listening

- Speaking

On page B2 / First Certificate you will find extensive information regarding this test.

• PET (Cambridge English: Preliminary)

Thousands of people prepare for the Cambridge English: Preliminary exam each year to improve their job prospects, study and travel. This test corresponds to level B1 of the European Framework and shows that an intermediate level of English is owned.

This test shows that you are able to understand the main information of simple instructions or public announcements, speak fluently in most situations encountered when sightseeing in English-speaking countries, asking simple questions and participating in discussions at work, writing letters and emails or taking notes on subjects with which you are familiar.

Like the other Cambridge English tests, the preliminary is a globally recognized certificate, and also covers the four basic language skills and knowledge of grammar and vocabulary:

- Writing

- Reading

- Listening

- Speaking

• KET (Cambridge English: Key):

This test corresponds to level A2 of the Common European Framework, and demonstrates that the candidate is able to use everyday English at a basic level.

Passing the Cambridge English: Key shows that the student has mastered the basics of English. A student who achieves this level of English is able to understand and use simple phrases and sentences, introduce themselves and answer basic questions about their personal details, interact with English speakers who express themselves slowly and clearly and write short and simple notes.

As all Cambridge certificates, it is recognized by thousands of companies and institutions worldwide.

Cambridge offers different dates for all these tests in Mallorca, usually three times a year.

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