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Exams - APTIS

APTIS is the best choice if you are wanting to demonstrate the Conselleria de Educación of the local government that you have the required level of English to teach in the Baleares.

If you are wanting to teach outside of the Baleraes then we strongly recommend that you do the FCE or other recognised exams of Cambridge or TOEFL as the APTIS is a relatively new exam and it is not completely recognised by the multinational companies throughout the world as the Cambridge exams or the TOEFL.

The APTIS is a computer based level test, there is no time limit with the exam so in a sense it is more relaxed than others… You are able to take your time with each section and submit your answers when you are ready.

There are five sections to the exam: Grammar, Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing.

As the APTIS exam is a level test then you cannot fail, however, if you require the B2 then depending on your level you will have to complete our B2 preparation course. This will give you all the right skills you need to obtain the required level.

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