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Business English

In a world where English is the most important language for business... The Academy offers the highest standards in English lessons.

Whether you are a beginner student or you mastered the English language, we have the Business English course that suits your needs.

General English and Business English are very different, not only in the use of language, but also in vocabulary, structures, grammar and formalities. Therefore our business courses focus on very specific business skills, providing students with an effective and quick learning.

In our Business courses we develop and improve the language focusing on areas that are typically found in business like sales techniques, negotiation, writing emails, telephone conversations, meetings, conferences, informal meals etc.

The business modules are essential for professionals working internationally.

Our faculty of professionals specializes in business courses among which include:

Business English (General)

English for international meetings

English for presentations

Negotiating in English

English for lawyers / environment

English for banking

Courses for national qualifications

However, if you are looking for a course in business English that is not on the above list, please contact us, and we can design specific courses depending on the needs of each student, regardless of the field you want to work.

Business exams:

Among our Business English courses, we include preparatory courses for official business exams. These are usually internationally recognized qualifications and are clear evidence that each student has the necessary language skills to succeed in the business world in English.

The most recognized official examinations are the Cambridge English Business Certificates, which have been developed according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, and are internationally recognized.

There are three Cambridge English Business Certificates:

-Cambridge English: Business Higher – Level C1 (BEC Higher)

-Cambridge English: Business Vantage – Level B2 (BEC Vantage)

-Cambridge English: Business Preliminary – Level B1 (BEC Preliminary)

These three certificates are clear and reliable evidence of your language skills, evaluate actual situations encountered in business and demonstrate that the student is able to use English in business to communicate effectively and they also open doors to better job opportunities.

There are other more specific tests such as:

  • ILEC (International Legal English Certificate)
  • ICFE (International Certificate in Financial English)

Contact us for more information.


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