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Kids ClubKids Club

cursos para jovenes - The Academy

Our KIDS CLUB is a special place reserved for children of all ages.

Our goal is that children begin to show interest in learning the English language from the earliest age. For this we offer English courses for children that are adapted to different ages and needs. This will make kids start learning a new language in a dynamic and useful way.

All of our KIDS CLUB classes are based on games and interactive activities that arouse in children the desire to learn a new language in the most natural and fun way.

The Academy Palma strongly believes in the importance of high quality education for children. Experience has shown us that if children have a good base from the beginning, they will be able to keep improving over the years. When the time comes when they have to pass official exams and need English to get better job opportunities, they will have the ability and confidence to achieve their goals easily, and all thanks to proven methods we adopt.

This is the reason why our courses are specifically designed by native highly qualified teachers in a fun and dynamic environment and using interactive methods in class. These methods vary from very modern to the more traditional, and always apply particular emphasis on communicative learning.

At The Academy Palma we use all the available methods such as modern multimedia like videos, iPads, projectors, CDs, cameras, etc., while we ensure that the language’s grammar base is acquired.

The method we use at The Academy Palma is simple: it is based on small groups so that students and teachers are willing to progress while having fun, and have time to participate in class.

To determine the level, an initial test is individually performed for free. During the course, parents receive a monthly report evaluating the acquired knowledge and behaviour of their children. In addition, an examination takes place every three months. At the end of the course, in June, all students receive a certificate of the level reached.

Contact us for more information and let your children start speaking English NOW!


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