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cursos para jovenes - The Academy


The Academy Palma offers English review classes for kids. These classes are aimed at reviewing the English children work at school to help them improve and move forward at a better pace.

These courses can give students an alternative way to learn English in order to improve their perception of the subject and to develop a greater interest in both language and English culture.

Classes are taught individually or in small groups, so that each student can receive personal attention and focus on improving the aspects of the language that he or she finds more difficult.

We offer review classes for all ages (Primary, ESO, Bachillerato) and our native and qualified teachers who have years of experience in teaching children and adolescents, design the courses for each student, so that they fit their specific needs.

In these classes we can work from the material that students are working on in school, offering help with homework, exam preparation, improving their marks in English or in other subjects that are taught in the English language ... Whatever you need reviewing, we can help you!

Contact us for more information on review classes and schedule your first class now!


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