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Individual classesIndividual classes

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Individual English classes for children with a native teacher

At The Academy Palma we are experts in English classes for children. We have always dedicated a big part of our time and effort to offer the highest quality English courses for children and adolescents. It is for this reason that now we also offer your children the chance to enjoy one to one lessons with a native teacher. In these classes, we offer the best resources to improve in the learning of the English language on an individual scale.

Whether the purpose of your English course is to prepare for an official exam, reviewing the English you work at school or improve your conversational skills, we have the perfect individual classes for children.

We have native teachers who specialize in teaching English courses for children of all ages so that their individual classes are adapted to all their objectives and needs. As experienced teachers in teaching English to children, classes are always designed to help students learn English while having fun. For this reason we always try to combine the learning of grammar with games and other interactive activities so that fun and learning are provided in every class.

Individual classes are a great way to learn. The Academy will perform an individual analysis of your level to detect what your needs are. The teachers department will use this information to design a specific course to suit your needs.

The great benefit of individual classes is flexibility. You can enjoy your individual classes any day of the week at the most convenient time for you. You will be able to choose the duration of your classes: an hour or two hours and the number of times per week that you want.

Please contact us to arrange a meeting for your level test and let us start preparing your English lessons.


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