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Summer intensivesSummer intensives

cursos para jovenes - The Academy

Have your kids failed English this year? Do you want them to improve their English this Summer? We have the perfect course for you!

With our summer intensive courses, children and teenagers can learn English during the months of July and August

Our native qualified teachers, along with our active and dynamic method and the use of the most current and innovative resources make our intensive courses the best choice to learn English during the summer.


In our Intensive Courses, we make great emphasis on oral expression as we work on the grammatical structure of the English language. We use innovative methods to help students learn English quickly and effectively.

Our English intensive courses are the best option if you need to learn English quickly, or you don’t have time to sign up for group classes. Our courses are designed in small groups (maximum 8 students) and taught by highly qualified native teachers. We offer dynamic and fun courses focusing on all areas of the language, with a special emphasis on speaking, listening and pronunciation.

The best way to learn English quickly and effectively is a 60 hour intensive course.

At The Academy we believe that a minimum of 60 hours of classes with a professional teacher are needed to complete a level of English, as well as many more hours of personal study. 60 hour intensive courses allow us to work on the basic grammar needed to achieve a full English level, while also having time to practice the acquired knowledge.

During our intensive courses we work on all language skills (grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking) paying special attention to the development of oral communication. To do this, we use many different resources so that students get the maximum benefit and enjoyment of the classes.

During our intensive courses, the assessment of each student is constant, so that both the teacher and the student can see the progress and improvement made every day. This is a great source of motivation for the student, and it can also help to work their weaknesses and overcome them successfully.

These are the means we use to design intensive courses of the highest quality:

-Dynamic classes that encourage student participation.

-Courses tailored to the level and objectives of each student.

-Variety of digital and audiovisual resources that allow students to see, hear, speak and think in English.

-Small groups to ensure that each student has a personal attention and to allow the participation of students in the class.

-Native teachers for a full immersion in the language, since English is the only language used during the classes.


60 hours per month

3 hours every day

All levels (basic A1 to advanced C1)

Exam preparation

Guarantee of taking you to the next level in a month (eg from A1 to A2)

Courses in July and August

Maximum of 8 students in a group

Time: 10.00 - 13.00 

Price: € 495.00


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