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  • English for Companies in Mallorca

    The Academy Palma is the leading provider of English courses for businesses in Palma. We are experts in language training for companies and are the best in our field. Years of work and collaboration with leading companies in various sectors speak for themselves: doctors, IT, lawyers, tourism and hotel sector, insurance companies, courier services, fish farms...

    We work with a variety of companies offering both language training and assessment of the English level of and candidates in selection processes.

    In a world where English is the most important language for business, it is essential to know the language needs of your business including each job.

    To provide the best service to all the companies we work with, we always follow this method:

    1. Linguistic Audit

    Before beginning our English courses, it is essential to know the objectives of each company and the initial level of English of all their workers. To do this we provide a language audit where we evaluate the current level of all employees who are interested in taking English courses. Through a test, consisting of a grammatical part and an oral part, we can know the overall level of each worker. Later, we will use this test to design specific English courses which meet the goals and needs of each company. You can also use the test for internal company reports or selection processes.

    2. Training Plan

    After obtaining the results of linguistic audit, we agree on a training plan. In this case it is essential to know the goals and needs of the company, in order to design the course that best meets these objectives. Training Plans are to discuss the purpose and content of each English course, also to decide the level for each group, the number of group members, the techniques used with each group, etc.

    This plan can be applied to the entire company, to departments, sections or individuals.

    3. Classes

    When introducing English courses for companies, we offer classes designed to allow the company to choose a customized learning plan for its employees. With the In-company classes our students can avoid wasting their time travelling, and facilitates the integration of English classes in their day to day work.

    Classes can be in groups or individually, and we offer all kinds of English courses for companies: General English courses, Business English courses, English courses tailored to the business sector, exam preparation courses...

    (Contact us about courses in other languages).

    4. Reports

    The company will have full access to reports every three months. These reports detail the attendance and performance of each student, so that the company will be constantly aware of how each worker progresses along the course. With this system we can optimize the results of the course and we monitor the achievement of each student, ensuring that every student attending the course is achieving the objectives programmed at the beginning of it.

    This whole process will always be accompanied by constant monitoring of the classes by the director of The Academy.

  • It is also important to mention that The Academy is organizing identity of the Fundacion Tripartita para la Formación en el Empleo and that all our courses are “bonificables” by this organism. Through the Fundación Tripartita companies can benefit from financial help to fund English courses for their employees.

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