Rellena tus datos personales y responde a las preguntas correctas A, B, C o D

How old are you?
I _______ from Spain.
_______ your brother like eggs?
What ______ you do yesterday afternoon?
We ________ to France next summer
I’m younger ______ my sister
What is the best way to get around London (travel)?
Paul left an hour _______
______ you ever been to Paris?
We haven’t got _______ money
Where did Paul and Liz go on holiday last summer?
We ______ work tomorrow. It`s a bank holiday
She hardly _______ travels abroad
What time did the meeting finish?
He _______ me not to tell anyone. It was a secret
The children played _________ in the garden
By the time you finish the class I ______________
How much is a hotdog?
She ___________ eating a big dinner at night
Where is Jane going on holiday?
I wish I ____________ thinner
________ his age, he is still very active
Don’t forget ________ milk
If he __________ his arm, he __________ played in yesterday’s match
How much does a taxi cost to London?