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Individual English classes with a native teacher in Palma de Mallorca

Private lessons with a native teacher. Where you will not be able to speak Spanish ... only English!

If your schedule does not match our offer of group classes, you want to a very specific course or you prefer the individual attention that a private lesson can offer, we have the perfect option for you.

Individual classes are a great way to learn. Before starting your course will perform an individual analysis of your level to detect what your needs and goals are. Our teacher department will use the information obtained to design a specific course that suits your objectives and needs.

During these classes you will have a native teacher dedicated exclusively to you: You can ask all the questions you have, accelerate or slow down the pace of the explanations depending on your level of personal learning, and, effectively, choose what you want to learn in each class.

Whatever your goal is: preparing an exam, practicing your speaking skills, business English, university courses, specific subjects for work... we can tailor a specific course for you.

Another of the many benefits of individual classes is that you have complete freedom to choose the number of weekly sessions you have and the times that are most convenient for you.

The great benefit of the individual classes is flexibility. You can have lessons which are 1 or 2 hours long according to your preference, the number of times per week that suits you best, at home or in The Academy.

So do not hesitate, come and find out yourself!



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