The Academy Palma is the leading centre offering English courses for companies. We are experts in in-company language training and are the best in our field. Years of work and collaboration with the most important companies in various sectors guarantee us: doctors, computer specialists, lawyers, tourism and hotel industry, insurance companies, courier services, fish farms…

We work with a wide variety of companies offering both language training and assessment of the English level of employees and candidates in selection processes.

In a world where English is the most important language for business, it is essential to know the language needs of your company even for every job.

We train your company’s staff through practical courses that lead to real, fluent and successful communication in everyday situations, in the workplace or on business trips.

Our “In-Company” services are designed for executives and employees who wish to achieve a high level of communication performance in English, but do not have the time to attend conventional courses. We bring English to your company and adapt it to your needs, both individually and in groups, offering courses that are adapted to your business needs.

Classes can be on the days, times and frequencies of your choice. Through a simple evaluation we determine the level of each student, indicating the appropriate course. We have a team of native teachers (British or American) trained in the area of communication and business. The director and owner of the academy carries out a strict supervision of the teachers and of the learning process of each student.


At The Academy Palma we adapt to your specific needs:
Flexible and convenient schedules, for example, before or after regular working hours.

Customized mode: choose the number of weekly sessions according to your availability.

Classes can be private or in groups, according to different needs and/or levels of language knowledge, in person or online.

Before starting a course, it is essential to know the objectives of each company, as well as the initial English levels of all its employees. For this purpose, we carry out a test, which allows us to know the global level of each worker. Later, we will use this test to design specific English courses for the objectives and needs of each company. The test can also be used for internal company reports or in selection processes.

2. Once the results of the language audit are obtained, we agree on a Training Plan. In this case, it is essential to know the objectives and needs of the company in order to design the course that best suits them. Training Plans consist of agreeing on the objectives and contents of each English course, as well as the level to be worked on, the number of group members, the techniques to be used with each group, etc.
This plan can be applied to the whole company, by departments, sections or individually.

3. When it comes to teaching the courses, we offer adapted classes that allow the company to choose a personalized learning plan for its employees.

4. The company will have full access to quarterly reports. These reports detail the attendance and performance of each student, so that the company will be constantly aware of how each employee is progressing. With this system we manage to optimize the results of the course and we follow up the performance of each student, making sure that each and every one of the students attending the course is achieving the objectives programmed at the beginning of the course.


We offer different types of English courses, adapted to the needs of each company, or each student:

– General English programs – group or individual.
– Specific English programs (by professional sector).
– Preparation for official exams.
– Design of tailor-made programs.
– Residential immersion programs abroad.

Our method has a communicative approach with an active participation of the student that will provide him/her with the means to manage effectively in real situations in his/her professional field.

We teach the classes in small and homogeneous groups, with a maximum of 8 students guaranteeing the active participation of the student and optimizing the results. We also offer private classes to meet specific needs of candidates.

We have qualified native teachers with extensive experience in training companies selected by the project coordinator based on the criteria required by our clients.

The teaching material consists of textbooks as base material and various publications complemented by a wide variety of updated and adapted resources: online press, videos, audios, articles, etc.


Adapting to the reality in which we live, and being aware that time is a vital factor in companies, we also adjust to your company, and offer all our courses in online format.

With the support of our own innovative methodology (#thinkinEnglish), consisting of the use of the English language as the main and only means of communication during the sessions and the use of our own digital resources and applications, the online classes are integrated into the students’ daily work.

By means of digital platforms such as Zoom, Skype etc., added to our APP for access to theoretical and multimedia content, the effectiveness of the online classes is the same, if not more, than the face-to-face classes.

FUNDAE It is the State Foundation for Training in Employment, which, through the management of public funds, helps companies to train workers while facilitating their free access to the training  at their disposal

All our courses are subsidized through FUNDAE and, in addition, we are an organizing entity, which means that our center can take care of both the teaching of the courses for your company, as well as the preparation and management of the technical part and the subsidies.

The first step consists of calculating the credit that the company has at its disposal, this is calculated according to the professional training quotations as well as the average staff (data from the Quotations Settlement Receipts of the previous year). The application will automatically calculate it from the data of the Social Insurance Administration (TGSS).

Once we know the available credit, The Academy will proceed to register your company’s training actions,

During the development of the training, you should take into account the following aspects:

The training must be free of charge for the participants.

The total duration of the course cannot be less than 2 hours.

The training cannot exceed 8 hours per day, unless it is done in one day.

The number of participants must not exceed 30 in attendance mode, and 80 per tutor in e-learning.

An attendance control must be completed.  

At the end of the course, participants will receive a course evaluation questionnaire and an attendance/diploma certificate. 

Once the course has finished, and if everything has been carried out correctly, we will communicate the end of the course through the application, from its end date and, in any case, before the presentation of the December quotation bulletin.

To carry out this step, we will have to inform of:

The details of the participants who have completed the training (who have completed 75 % of the course).

The costs of the course (direct, indirect and of organization).

The amount and the month in which you are going to get the discount.

 The application will calculate the maximum cost for which you will be able to get a discount. Once the application has been completed, and until the presentation of the bulletin of December of the current year, you can apply the bonus for training in the receipts of the Social Security Contributions Settlement.


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