Do you find it difficult to communicate, embarrassing or ashamed to speak English?


Private lessons with a native teacher. Where you will not be able to speak Spanish … only English! Individual English classes with a native teacher in person and online


These courses are designed to learn English with friends, family, or whoever you want, in very small groups (2-3 people).


What’s the point of learning a language if you don’t practice it? Language is the art of communication, and what better communication than oral communication?

Do you find it difficult to communicate, embarrassing or ashamed to speak English?

Group English classes can be the best option for you if you are looking to learn English in a relaxed way, with an innovative method ( #thinkinEnglish) and with the best professionals.

Through small groups we ensure that all students receive the attention they need to advance at the same pace and improve their knowledge of the English language at all levels.

At The Academy we believe that it is vitally important that students feel comfortable in the group, and to do this they must be at the same level as their classmates. For this reason, we propose an evaluation of the initial level of all students. This evaluation consists of oral and written tests so that we can know the exact level and offer the most suitable group for each student.

We have group classes for all levels, from the most basic to the most advanced, always with native teachers who have the best techniques to help you progress and achieve your goals. The methodology used in the group classes consists of working on all aspects of the language, from grammar to conversation, so that the student achieves the confidence, fluency and ease needed to master the language.

In our courses we consider that it is very important for the learning and the work dynamics that the group is not too big, that is why we follow a strict policy at The Academy to unite a maximum of 8 students in each group, this ensures that each student has the opportunity to communicate freely in class and clarify doubts with the teachers.

We have various groups by level and time, you can contact us to arrange an appointment to take a level test or use our online English level test, we recommend you take the full test (20 questions).

Our group classes can be 2+1 or 4+1 hours per week, and we have different options of timetables in the mornings and afternoons.


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