The Academy Palma is the leading centre offering English courses for companies. We are experts in in-company language training and are the best in our field.


Intensive English courses at our school are the best option if you need to learn English in a short time, or do not have the hours to study English on a regular basis.


We are very happy to reopen the academy this summer 2020 with our popular summer courses for children and adults.


At the English academy The Academy Palma, all English courses have something in common: only English is spoken and learning the English language and culture is guaranteed.


At The Academy Palma we design English courses to help children in the process of understanding the English language and culture in a natural and fun way.


One more summer at The Academy Palma we start with our intensive summer courses. Take advantage of the summer months to improve your English with the best professionals.


At The Academy Palma all English courses have one thing in common: only English is spoken and learning the English language and culture is guaranteed.

At our English school we are dedicated to what we do best, which is teaching English. We are an English language academy, not a language school, so if your aim is to learn English, improve your English or get an official certificate to prove your English level, there is only one place to go: THE ACADEMY PALMA.

In all our English courses, The Academy Palma uses our own methodology called “active and dynamic class”, with which students achieve fluency and fluency in English.

To ensure the involvement of our students, the “dynamic English course” is designed so that learning is fun and requires the active and practical participation of the student. The “active course” provides more real and successful communication than traditional textbook-based English courses. We place very little emphasis on books, and we are convinced that this is why our method works so well.

There are many people in Mallorca who can speak English, but few have the ability to teach it. The Academy Palma, a centre recognised and approved by Cambridge University (UK), offers all its students the opportunity to learn English with the best professionals.

When a student makes the decision to learn English, we consider the quality of the teachers to be of vital importance. At The Academy we only have qualified native teachers who are able to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. This way you can be sure that you are not wasting your money and time. We guarantee you the highest quality teaching with the most innovative methods.

All the teachers at our English language academy are properly trained, experienced and English speaking, so what better way to improve your level than to speak English with a native speaker at an English language school!

Whatever your need to learn English (professional or private), our innovative method, which we put into practice in all our courses and classes, is always effective and designed for students of all ages (children, young people and adults).

And you no longer have to travel to other cities in Spain for quality English classes – your English course is in Palma de Mallorca!

The result of using only English in our classrooms, gives the student the opportunity to practice the language they are learning in real situations. In our English academy, our students read in English, speak in English, listen in English and write in English.

The key to improvement is to practice, make mistakes, learn from them and correct them, and we can offer you all that, so if your goal is to learn English, you are in the right place.


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07003 Palma de Mallorca

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