IELTS is the test that shows your English skills wherever you go. Whether you are applying to educational institutions, looking for a job or reporting to the immigration authorities, it is the only proof of English you need.

This exam is designed to assess the English language at all levels. Anyone can take the test. The IELTS test is not passed or failed, you get a score that reflects your level of English. Results are presented on a scale of 1 (non-users) to 9 (expert user).


There are two versions of IELTS; Academic and General Training. Both are graded using the same linguistic criteria. The only difference is the subject matter and vocabulary used, which vary to suit the needs of each candidate.

– IELTS Academic is for you if you are looking for

Study at university or postgraduate level.

Membership of a professional organisation.

– IELTS General Training is for you if you are looking for

Emigrate to an English-speaking country (Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, UK).

Train or study at a lower level than university.

What is the structure of the test?

Both IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training tests the four language skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking. Both listening and speaking tests are the same, but there are different components of reading and writing depending on whether you take the Academic or General Training test.

LISTENING: 40 minutes

SPEAKING: 11-14 minutes

READING: 60 minutes

WRITING: 60 minutes

IELTS is accepted by 9,000 institutions worldwide, including universities, colleges and employers in English-speaking countries and more.


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