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The Academy Palma is a young and dynamic company. Our team is formed by native qualified professionals.


    Plymouth, UK

    Over my ten years teaching around the world, from Asia to Spain, I have seen the great importance of Grammar in how you learn a language quicker and easier. The emphasis of the grammar should not only be on the structure but, more importantly, on how to use the grammar when we are speaking. Knowing the difference between past simple and present perfect, for example. Learning grammar is essential to learn a language BUT using it when we speak, not just working with textbooks.

  • JO

    Nottingham , UK

    Have you ever found it difficult to communicate, been embarrassed or lacking in confidence when learning a language? I certainly have, but these experiences have helped me as a teacher because I have been there and I understand what you are going through. In the classroom I think that my love of language and English grammar really comes through. Anyone who has been in one of my classes can see (and hear!) my love of the English language. I love teaching because I want to show people just how special the English language is. My method is simple: a good grammar base will lead you all the way to fluency.

  • EMMA

    Palma, ESPAÑA

    I am not a teacher, but having an English mother and a Spanish father, I have had the privilege of speaking both languages equally since I was a child. Therefore, I understand how important it is to know and master the English language. At my job, it is essential to speak both languages, as I need to provide all kinds of information to students and future students in Spanish and, in turn, I need to communicate with the directors and all teachers at The Academy in English. I consider myself very privileged to have the ability to speak both languages and so I love seeing students make progress. Even without being a teacher, I find it very rewarding.

  • SAM

    Cambridge, UK

    Teaching is not just a profession it is also a vocation. Having grown up in Spain and being bilingual myself, I know, through first-hand experience, how difficult it can be to achieve fluency and understanding of a second language. I like to make my classes dynamic and fun, but at the same time make sure that my students are getting the most out of their precious time. The fastest way to learn is by practicing the things covered in each session, by speaking and listening. As they say, ¨a student is only as good as his teacher¨, but without dedication and hard work you will struggle to fulfill your goals. Learning a new language can be very enjoyable if taught in the right way. For those who are scared of a challenge I say this; “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger¨.


    London, UK

    Having the ability to learn new languages broadens the mind and opens up a world of opportunities for us all. The key is perseverance and determination to focus on what we want to achieve. I love teaching English as it allows me to pass on my knowledge to others. Grammar is essential when learning a language. However, it is not something to stress and obsess about. Putting the grammar and vocabulary into practice is the best way to learn. That is why I think speaking and being able to communicate with others is essential... Everyone learns in different ways and at different paces, so using a range of games, speaking, listening, vocabulary and grammar exercises certainly will help you on your way to fluency. After the classes the learning should not stop. Studying at home and time dedication are crucial!

  • JO

    Manchester , UK

    Teaching English is a fun and varied job. A big part of my day is taken up with the three hour intensive classes, run on a month to month basis. I teach a mixture of levels, low to high and each day is different. I make sure my classes are positive, fun and energetic, using a variety of exercises and activities to motivate the students to participate, learn and enjoy! It's rewarding seeing the progress students make from the first class, and I also enjoy seeing friendships form between the students, encouraging each other along the way. Using a wide range of teaching methods I strive to make learning English a pleasurable experience.


    Colorado, USA

    My classes are tailored to meet the individual needs of each student, and incorporate a range of interactive teaching methods to enhance the learning experience. By moving beyond the course book, integrating external resources, and encouraging students to practice outside the classroom, students are able to develop the skill sets and vocabulary that will allow them to accomplish their goals.


    Liverpool, UK

    My teaching method is that I do not adhere to any one method. It is a different experience every time I teach an individual student or group. The challenge for me is to find material, activities, explanations and exercises that motivate the students to explore the English language and make progress. I find it very rewarding to be part of the process that helps the students achieve their objective.


    Southampton, UK

    A structured course run by professional teachers can give you a fundamental base from which to further develop, at any level. Yet above all, I believe you learn by doing. So, practice. Make mistakes. In fact, embrace them. They show you are learning. Remember, to master a foreign tongue takes time, patience and discipline. It also takes commitment, so take responsibility for your learning. And yes, grammar is the mechanics of any language and sure, it is important but I do not believe it is everything, so do not obsess about it. In the classroom or the real world, to communicate you do not have to be perfect but you do have to try. So read, write, listen, watch, study, breathe and smile and perhaps most importantly, practice, practice, practice.

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