New Year’s resolutions

By 16 January, 2017 November 2nd, 2020 No Comments

2017, a new year and, as always, the list of New Year’s resolutions that we intend to achieve. The most common are to join the gym, which appears on almost all of our lists (Christmas holidays are very dangerous), diet, to study from the very first day, and English lessons. At The Academy we want to help you achieve at least one of them J

Knowing English is becoming more and more important, and we have realized when speaking with our students that understanding the language has become a need for both working and everyday life for most of us. Who doesn’t love travelling? Who has never felt frustrated when not being able to communicate? Have you experienced the satisfaction when understanding all the shop, street and museum’s signs abroad?

At The Academy, our New Year’s resolution is to teach English as many people as possible and to make sure that they achieve their desired level, or to reach their objective of passing specific exams such as Cambridge First Certificate, Advanced or TOEFL. Our native teachers are professionals who know how to adapt each class to the different levels and are experts in making each lesson motivating, fun, and above all, productive 😉

We look forward to seeing you in La Rambla 8 in Palma, be careful because time flies and we definitely don’t want you to fail on your 2017 resolutions 😉 HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE!